Fit&Shop / Store documentation version 2.1


  • Item Name : Store Documentation
  • Item Version : V2.1
  • Author : Mohamed Arafa

First of all, Thank you so much for taking interest in Fit&Shop. You are awesome!

This documentation is meant to Store owners (The First Section) and Store Hosting service providers (The Second Section)


Here is the sections of this doumentation and what to expect from it

  1. Getting Started: We will introduce to you the journy from adding your products to delevering you measurements to your clients
  2. Fitting Room : We will show you the users journy in fitting your awesome products
  3. Store APIs : We will introduce you to the Store vendors API this might be a little bit Techie and yes it is meant for developers only

Be careful the API section isn't meant for store owners so ignore it if you are only a regular store owner.

Getting Started

Welcome to the Fit&Shop and let's take your first steps in our system. you will find all the tools you need to add you awesome Product and there will be more to come so stay updated

Register Your Store

You will need to have Store Account in order to use Fit&Shop service, lucky you the registration process is very simple just go to the link here

You will recive a confimation email so make sure your Email is valid then follow the step at the email.

Your Dashboard

Welcome you are now part of Fit&Shop family Congratulations we are very happy to have you with us, Lets take a look at you Dashboard

It's not much yet so why not add some Collcetions


What is collections?
Collections is your way to organize your products as a store you may have season bases collections like Summer/Winter Collection or you may have gender based collections like Male/Female Collection

As you can see there is a Default Collection ready for you to use and you can add your own Collections. Just click Add New Item

in the collection list as you can see here you can find all your collections listed.

View when you click this button you will see all products related to this collection.
Edit you can edit the name of the collection.
Delete this will delete the collection.

Collections are fairly simple you just need a collection name and there you go you have your very own collection ready to use.

If you want to view the products in a specific collection you can click on view


Ooops, there is no products why not add a product from you Awesome Shop
Just click on Add New Item

Fill up your product Details

And add some Measurements

Then activate your product

Social Media Integration

Now you are ready to share you product fitting room to the public click on Open to see it in action or
Copy to quick copy it to clipboard
And use it at your Social Page

Fitting Room

This is what your user will see when they open your Fit&Shop product link
They just enter thier Measurements and that's it see it in action

Fitting Room Explained

  1. User avatar shows how the T-shirt will fit him/her.
  2. Size Selector enable the user to see how different measurments will fit.
  3. Size Score on scale from 1 to 100 how will this measurements suites the user.
  4. User Measurememnts Show measurements entered by user.
  5. Piece Measurememnts Show piece measurements for the selected size.
  6. Edit Measurememnts User can change thier measurements at any time.
  7. Login/SignUp User can Login/SignUp to save thier measurements.