How to Get Starting with Fit and Shop Integration

By: Mohamed Arafa

This guide is for Registered brands if you haven't registered yet please register first

How to add Product

Fit and Shop is an extension to your website functionality giving you the ability to have a virtual fitting room from within your own website

with simple steps you will have the ability to provide a full fitting room experience to your users from you website

Step 1: Installing Script

How to install the script for integration

at the top of your product HTML template just add this inside the HEADER tag

                                <link href="" rel="stylesheet">
                                <script  src=""></script>
                                <script src=""></script>

Step 2: Calling Functions

Initiating functions

For intializing the script you just have to call one function with three parameters

                                $(document).ready(function () {
                                    var payload = {
                                        sku: '{{PRODUCT_SKU}}',
                                        button_selector: `BUTTON_PARENT`,
                                        api_key: '{{API_KEY}}'

Replace PRODUCT_SKU with your product SKU that you have provided at the Admin Panel

Replace BUTTON_PARENT_ID with the parent element of the button.

Replace API_KEY with the shop generated api key.